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Digital Health Trends

Digital health is a rapidly growing field. While it is still considered a new field, its use in scientific research publications has increased significantly in recent years. Keywords such as “Internet research,” “cybermedicine,” and “eHealth” are now commonly used by authors and editorial boards of numerous scientific journals. Despite this, it is unclear whether digital health has entered the mainstream yet.

Digital health technologies use computing platforms, connectivity, sensors, and software to address various health-related problems. They can be used as standalone medical devices, adjuncts to existing medical products, or as the basis for new ones. Digital health technologies can help physicians monitor and treat patients in several ways, including monitoring their health and offering preventive care. These technologies are rapidly changing the way we treat and prevent disease. As such, they are reshaping how we treat chronic illnesses and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There is a clear need for widespread broadband Internet access to facilitate digital health. This is needed across all U.S. regions and economic strata. A recent study called COVID-19 exposed critical gaps in consumer access to these technologies. In addition, a public-private partnership is necessary to develop the superstructure framework. Additionally, consent for patients and consumers must be standardized. Health information must also be protected, as HIPAA does today.

The field of digital health is very complex and involves a wide range of technologies and services. Digital health products and services are designed to improve patient’s quality of life and reduce costs. Increasingly, this sector is also making healthcare more accessible, convenient, and efficient and promises to be a lucrative industry. Furthermore, with a growing number of people living with chronic conditions, digital health presents a massive opportunity for companies that want to enter the market.

Digital health is helping health plans improve chronic condition management, care coordination, and other digital benefits. This will help health plans increase their efficiency and reduce claims costs. These innovations will continue to grow the market and boost health plans’ bottom line. By the decade’s end, digital health will drive health plans’ revenue growth.

The North American digital health industry is expected to grow to USD 261 billion in value by 2027. This growth is driven by the increasing number of chronic diseases, especially in North America. Authorities are taking steps to raise awareness and adoption of digital healthcare services in this region. Researchers have reviewed the available research literature and classified the market according to technology, component type, and regional outlook. They have also incorporated qualitative and quantitative aspects of each segment.


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